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Wellcare Residential Recovery Program -SHARON

SHARON: Shared Housing and Assistance for Residence with Ongoing Needs

Wellcare Australia is committed to ensuring that our service users have respect, dignity, independence, choice and control over their own lives as much as possible.

The ‘SHARON’ project aims to build a community where all residents have access to services and support appropriate to their mental health and wellbeing needs.

To achieve this objective, Wellcare strives to promote appropriate supports and explore assistance for mental wellbeing through a safe, homely residential environment in which people are supported in their recovery journey while developing individual life skills.

At SHARON,   we aim to provide:

  • Person Centred and Recovery oriented service
  • High quality, holistic and supportive care;
  • A safe and homely environment;
  • The resident’s own home experience;
  • Integrated support into the local community;
  • A non-institutional and non-clinical environment;
  • High standards of accommodation;
  • Promotion of residents independence;
  • Choice about the way services are delivered;
  • Maximisation of the residents privacy and dignity;
  • Safeguard the residents welfare;
  • Well trained staff.

Wellcare Australia Residential Recovery Program – SHARON facilitate

  • Assistance in Shared Living Arrangements –support provides 24/7 support Standard needs and  Higher needs:
  • Assistance in Supported Independent Living – Lower needs
  • Short term Accommodation and Assistance (e.g. Respite care)

Wellcare Australia believes that part of Wellcare Australia Residential program(SHARON),  social care is an essential public service that provides day-to-day care and support where needed, to enable people to live full and active lives. We believe that high levels of emotional, psychological and social support are essential components to promote mental wellbeing.

Wellcare Australia registered in the ACT to provide the following;

  • Support with accommodation and tenancy
  • Assistance with personal activities
  • Assistance with travel and transport
  • Assistance with daily tasks in a shared living
  • Development of individual life skills
  • Assistance with household tasks
  • Assistance with community participation
  • Assistance with accessing and maintaining employment
  • Providing therapeutic supports
  • Peer support
  • Support coordination
  • Plan management
  • Assistance with life stage-transition
  • Assistance with accessing behaviour Support
  • Attendance and participation with group centre activities
  • Community Nursing Care
  • Innovative community participation

We would like to work you;

  • You have a NDIS plan
  • You are over 21 year old and be willing to share the facilities
  • You are interested to receive valued, recovery oriented residential and social care from  Wellcare Australia
  • Be willing to participate Wellcare wellbeing programs

More about NDIS eligibility please  follow https://ndis.gov.au/participants.html

Want to know more?

If you are interested to get involve with Wellcare Australia’s Residential Recovery Program- ‘SHARON’

Phone :  02 6193 6116     or  0451 254 125 (Mobile)

E-mail :  info@wellcare.org.au

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