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Get Involved

NDIS Services
We would like to work with you:
If you have a NDIS plan.
You are over 21 year old and be willing to share the facilities
You are interested to receive valued care from an NDIS provider
Be willing to participate Wellcare wellbeing programs
More about NDIS eligibility

What you can expect?
Wellcare Australia can ensure good practice and a high quality of service delivery. This will help ensure a positive experience for our service user’s that is supportive to their recovery journey.
Support service user’s in the development of daily living skills to create an atmosphere of autonomy within a mixed living environment.
Make use of communities’ available resources for persons to implement the process of NDIS.
Promote meaningful daily activities and support access service users to access this.

Other Services

We are expecting bring more services in;

  • Counselling
  • Training
  • Volunteering
  • Charity

Want to know more?Phone :  02 6193 6116     or  0451 254 125 (Mobile)E-mail :

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