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“Mental illness is not a choice, but recovery is….”


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We are a group of like-minded people with a similar social commitment towards the community. This community and social commitment led to the establishment of a caring organisation called Wellcare Australia, approved NDIS Provider



We aim to provide a quality mental health and social support service. Our service is based on a person centred, recovery oriented and strength based model. Our services are innovative, evidence based, tailored to an individual’s needs and aim to deliver a quality and professional service to all our residents and participants


We aim to acknowledge the uniqueness of the individual by promoting and supporting independence, wellbeing and social inclusion. We support people in exercising choice and control over their own lives. We include a programme focus on safety, security and dignity of risk while understanding and valuing diversity and individual differences.


We aim to promote productive and cohesive partnerships with service users, carers, volunteers, health professionals and other external agencies. This allows us to be holistic in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of recovery goals and strategies whilst maintaining honesty in all relationships both internal and external.

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